FAQ: Power Music Licences and Installing and Reinstalling

In this article I will answers these questions:

  • How do Power Music licences work?
  • Can I see how I have used my Product key(s)?
  • Can I run Power Music on multiple devices?
  • What happens when I reinstall Power Music Professional or AF?
  • Why am I am getting an error when I install Power Music Professional?

I will deal with each of these questions in the following article

How do Power Music licences work?

iOS devices – iPad and iPhone

Power Music App is available only from the Apple App Store. Search for “Power Music Software”. The app, as downloaded, is a free app with some features unavailable. By doing an in-app purchase you can unlock all the features of the App. When you do the in-app purchase this links your licence to use Power Music App to your Apple ID. You can then install or reinstall the Power Music App on any iOS device – iPad or iPhone – which is using the same Apple ID. You do not need to do the in-app purchase again as the Apple App Store “remembers” you have done this. There is no limit to the number of devices you can install or reinstall the app onto.

Windows and Mac:

Product Keys are used to license Power Music Professional, Power Music Mac and Power Music AF. This is what you buy when you purchase one of these products. All our products are available for download, but without a Product Key they are limited or unusable.
Power Music Professional and Power Music AF Product Keys both allow you to activate the software on 2 Windows devices. It will not run without activation using a Product Key. If you want to “try before you buy” you can download the free Power Music Essentials. Any songs you add to Power Music Essentials will automatically be available in Power Music Professional when you install it. Power Music Professional is not an upgrade to Essentials it is a separate program which need to be downloaded and installed on the PC.
A Power Music Mac Product Key will allow you to activate the software on 5 Apple Mac computers.  It will run as a trial if not activated. The trial allows you to add up to 10 songs and also allows unlimited purchased songs.

When you activate Power Music using your product key, a unique Activation Code is generated. This code is specific to a single installation of Power Music on one device. You can see your Activation Code in Power Music as follows:

Power Music Professional and AF: Click on Help->About
Power Music Mac: Click on Power Music->Preferences…

It is worth taking a note of the Activation Code because it will help if you ever need to deactivate and installation of Power Music.

Can I see how I have used my Product key(s)?

Product Keys and activation information are stored on our cloud database. The Product Key Activation Codes are stored along with the user information, number of times the software has been launched and the dates of activation and the last launch.

Once you exceed the allowed number of licences you have, you will not be allowed to do further activations without either upgrading the number of licences or contacting us to deactivate one or more of your Activation Codes.

A user can view some of this information by going to Manage my Product Key on our website: https://powermusicsoftware.com/support/manage-my-product-key

Can I run Power Music on multiple devices?

For iOS devices you can run the Power Music App on as many iPads or iPhones you want as long as they are all using the same Apple ID that was used for the initial in-app purchase.

For Windows and Mac, go to Manage My Product Key https://powermusicsoftware.com/Support/My-Product-Key. Enter your Product Key or Activation Code in the box. You will see all your activations displayed with various information including the date last used (if you had an internet connection). Deactivated installations are grayed out.

Select the number of licences you want to upgrade to, from the drop down list. Once you are past 10 it works out very economical, about £12 ($14-$15, 13-14 Euro) per licence. You can purchase additional licences using a Credit or Debit card.

What happens when I reinstall Power Music Professional or AF?

Before I discuss this – can I reinforce the mantra – “Backup, backup, backup!” All editions of Power Music allow you to make backups. Make sure you do these regularly to an external device like a USB flash drive, USB hard drive, cloud storage or Power Music Box.

Reinstalling – this depends on the reason why you are needing to do the reinstall. If you have formatted the hard drive or installed a new hard drive you will need to download Power Music and install it on the PC or Mac. You will then need to go through the Activation process. You may need to have old activations deactivated by us to “free up” a licence or purchase additional licence(s). See Manage my Product Key.

If you are just reinstalling Power Music without reformatting the hard drive you will find that Power Music will be automatically activated as the activation information is stored on the PC’s hard drive.

Why am I am getting an error when I install Power Music Professional?

We are sometime contacted by users reporting that the installation process for Power Music is failing. Often this is on a brand new PC! Almost always, this is due to Microsoft Updates either having failed or are in the process of being installed.

When you buy a new PC there are always Microsoft Update to be done. In the time between the manufacturer installing Windows on the PC and you buying it, there will be multiple Microsoft Updates and maybe even major “Feature” updates required. Set aside a couple of hours to do these updates.

Go to Start/Settings/Update and Security and click on “Check for Updates”. Install ALL available updates and then Restart (not Shutdown) the PC at least twice to complete the installation of the updates. You should then find that Power Music will install correctly!

If you are still having issues check Update History for any “failed” updates and try installing them again.

Oh – and one other thing! During the Coronavirus pandemic we have slashed the price of Power Music Professional and Mac to only £10. If you want to add extra licences to your existing Product Key by purchasing using this offer, just drop us an email and let us know.

Please let us know if this blog post is helpful and we welcome feedback on this and our other blog posts.

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