Original Kösslbachtaler


It is with great pleasure we introduce to you Hannes Stadler and his Austrian band Original Kösslbachtaler. We just love Austria so we are delighted to feature Johannes Stadler (or to give him his stage name “Hannes”) as our “Musician of the Month”.

The Original Kösslbachtaler is an Austrian band who perform at wedding receptions and tent festivals. Visit their website here Original Kösslbachtaler.

Kösslbachtaler first started using Power Music way back in 2013. Lois (AKA Alois Stadler), bought Power Music and started setting up a multi-screen band setup, first with three screens then eventually using six screens.


Johannes (“Hannes”) Stadler’s story

We are an Austrian band and have about 30 performances a year. Throughout the year we perform at lot wedding receptions and tent festivals. We are 5 musician and 1 Singer. Our Band exists in 2016 exactly 25 years. We are using your software now the third year. And we must say, it’s wonderful and very reliable.


Before we decided us for PMP (Power Music Professional) we tried other programs but none lived up to our expectations. We have on stage one license and display the same sheet on 6 different Monitors. So it is easy to respond to requests from the audience and we can adapt our program every appearance.

A few years ago it took an “eternity” until we had the same song in front of us. But now the “Program-Master” (it’s me!) takes a song from our library and in a second all of us have the same song.

A wonderful idea is also the Power-Music-Box. We can prepare a song at home and load them up to the cloud and then we can it download in the rehearsal. This is very useful and you can save a lot of paper! Another advantage from PMP is, that the program can easily be saved on a USB-Stick. Once our computer fell out and we were able put to the USB flash drive with the data and the program into another PC. Our appearance was saved!

The great thing about this program is that it will continue to develop. We look forward to the next innovations.

I must say that I tend to be skeptical about a digital text display but initially now we are completely convinced of it and love it

– Johannes Stadler

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