Bringing Back the Joy of Playing Music

When someone sends you an email saying this, you realise that you are doing something worthwhile:

“I have Power Music up and running and can, once again, see to play my cello. Thank you so much for your patience with talking me through my many queries!
I am thrilled to have found the solution to what was making me very sad.

The above email was from Mary Hall. She had been playing the cello for many years but had to stop playing due to the deterioration of her eyesight making it impossible for her to read paper music scores. Having to stop playing the instrument you love can be very depressing. However Mary was determined to play again and with our help and many hours of concentration she succeeded.

Here’s her story in her own words…

Saved by a piece of software – Power Music to the rescue.

Music has always played a very important part of my life. I met my husband through singing in the same choir. In later years it was he who encouraged me to play my cello again after years of neglect and to join different groups once I’d got back into practice.

It was after Ken died in 2016 that playing with these groups kept me going; it gave me a purpose in life. So, when I was told, in February this year, that I had macular degeneration which very quickly deteriorated so that I couldn’t see to read the music I was thoroughly miserable and wasn’t sure how to cope.

However, I pulled myself together and contacted the RNIB for help and they suggested my trying Power Music. I phoned Gordon (at Power Music Software) to explain my problem and decided to give it a try. With help over the phone I got it up and running. After a couple of days I’d taken a page of music and edited it so that three or four bars were just one page on the tablet and I could read it. When I’d completed the first page, I sat and played for the first time in weeks.

With just a few bars to a page and having both hands occupied with playing my cello I relied on the Page Flip Butterfly Bluetooth floor pedal to move the music along.

The cloud that had been hanging over me since February just lifted. I am so grateful.

Thank you Power Music.

If you would like more information about Power Music and MusicOne digital music stands please visit our websites: to learn about the software and to see the supporting hardware we can supply.

Or contact us by phone on +44 (0) 1355 246832 where we will be happy to discuss what we can do to help you.

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